Be a Wheel of Fortune Contestant!


I'm not the type of girl who applies for TV shows.

First of all, I have the unfortunate malady of being both really competitive and really bad at game shows, even from the comfort of my couch.

And you know if you're bad at it from your couch, when you get on set you'll totally bomb.

Second of all, I fear being filmed in HD. I don't look good on regular camera -- can you imagine what HD would do to my pores? Bad things, friends. Bad things.

And yet I could not resist the temptation to apply for Wheel of Fortune. Just like this past season, they are planning another Armed Forces series featuring serivcemembers and active duty military spouses.

I think I can deal with HD if i get to showcase my MilSpouse pride on national TV and have the chance to come home with my very own fancy patio furniture set.

Plus I think that Pat Sajak is super cool. (I promise I am not a TV star stalker).

Go here to register for the show! And maybe we'll run into each other on set.

(Hey, I can dream, right?)

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