A Military Childhood: The Cardon Family


I waited 11 years hoping to have a baby with my husband.....when at last my dream came true. One day I was going about my usual routine getting ready for the arrival of our little boy when I realized I hadn't felt him move all day.

I did all the usual things that would make him move normally....Rocking in a chair, laying down, singing to him......and nothing happened. So I called Papa Bear who was on I&I duty at the time and he rushed home picked me up and we went to the doctor where we had a stress test. Our sweet little baby's heart beat was fluctuating from 170-130 and the doctor didn't like it.  He sent us to the hospital for a prolonged stress test. After an hour he decided an Emergency C-section needed to happen. I was rushed in, and out came my sweet little boy with the cord wrapped twice around his neck. It had already lost blood flow and if we had waited any longer he wouldn't have made it. He spent five days in the NICU before we were able to bring him home.  We took this picture in our kitchen.

The Cardon Family Baby

The Cardon Family Baby

This little boy is such a miracle and blessing. I waited for so long for him. Our family has endured 6 deployments and numerous times where Papa Bears life was in danger or we can't explain how he lived. This Baby Bear is our amazing little blessing!

Thanks to Andrea Cardon for this picture and story. In honor of the Month of the Military Child, SpouseBuzz is running stories of the many different ways military kids experience childhood.  Submit a picture of your military kids here.

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