What You Missed: Bad Text Messages, China and a Cookie App

Ah, the weekend. … or a short way to say “catching up on laundry, cleaning and all that other stuff that didn’t happy Monday through Friday.” Need a break from it all? Check out some of what you missed in MilSpouseDome (and otherwise) this week. Hint: it includes cookies. Keep reading.


First and foremost: who needs plastic surgery when you have Skypoplasti?

Observe a few simple tips and bam! You have yourself a no-surgery, free face-lift courtesy of your computer.

You know you’re curious. Just follow these rules …

Whatever you do, don't use a text message to accidentally tell a spouse her husband has died.

The spouse-o-sphere blew up this week after a military spouse learned of her husband’s death first from a text message from a friend and then on Facebook. Take a lesson from this incident and please, for the love everything good, let the military finish their process before you step-in.

Read about the military spouse and the Army’s reaction.

Speaking of, what exactly do you say when someone’s spouse is killed?

Knowing what to do, say and how to say it when someone’s spouse is killed can be tricky and uncomfortable. We have a few ideas to make the process a little bit easier.

Read our three tips.

Will you ever find a use for fancy china in military life? Sad news: probably not.

The world is laden with misconceptions about what a good military spouse needs. One of them is that we have fancy parties requiring fancy china.

What other misconceptions have you discovered about being a military spouse?

Most important thing of the week: iPhone Girl Scout cookie finder app

Find me an app that does something more important to a MilSpouse than finding Girl Scout cookies. Just try.

Show me the way to the cookies. NOW.

How do you PCS with a newborn?

That sounds like a nightmare to me – but one military spouse is in the thick of it and handing out tips along the way.

Here’s a few ideas for how to get the job done.

Listening to music while crying is sometimes cathartic – right?

If you like a good song and a good story at the same time, then this is the music video for you. It features a Soldier stationed at Baumholder, Germany as he gets ready to meet his new son.

See that video over here.

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