Military Life Does End


I really see the value in being prepared for planned or unplanned separations and retirements in a way I hadn’t before.

We’re putting ourselves through a ‘Retirement Drill’.  Assessing our personal finances, researching areas we want to live and running through timelines. He is attending the separation/retirement briefings and translating his military resume to a civilian format. He’s also matching his military skills with civilian skills on job sites to get an idea of what he may be worth on the ‘outside’.  It’s a lot of work!  Even with the ball in his court, it’s an eye-opening and stressful process.

Current military cuts like the Navy is undergoing is really bringing home the point that military life will end.

This process surely brings on stress, fears, excitement, sadness and possibly anger.

The military has programs to assist those separating and retiring that covers job hunting preparations. There are also many easy to search resources online such as the National Resource Directory. This uses Keyword and MOS searches by location.

Spouses can create or brush up their own resume as well. You may land a better job first. MSCCN  helps military spouses and retiree spouses with career planning.

Where are the jobs?  The military has taught everyone to live here, there and everywhere. Make that work if you have to. Moving “home” may not be the best step.

If you aren’t in either group and have years of military life left, it’s never too early to plan the possibilities for the next chapter.

To everyone taking the leap, especially those who had no choice, I wish you the best of luck and future success.

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