Marine's Political FB Pages Leads to Discharge Action


Marine Sgt. Gary Stein says he’s done nothing wrong.  The Marines have charged him with ‘contemptuous words against the commander-in-chief’ and are taking actions for discharge.

Of course he did something wrong.  Running a Facebook page and speaking out against the CinC under the ‘free speech’ banner is wrong in the eyes of military.  Now he’s going to have all the time in the world to do so.

I’m reading more and more stories of service members getting selective amnesia when it comes to military and DoD policy and politics. I wrote about one such story on Spouse Buzz back in January.

A few of the Facebook groups we are connected to have been thrown off topic by politics and just aren’t pleasant to visit anymore. Who ever wins an internet battle? People back who they back and that’s that. Most irritating is that two of these groups are military related.

Is your military spouse taking their political views to Facebook?  If so, you may need to have a chat and show them the results. They know better and if they can’t follow the standards, they will be dealt with.

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