Home Based Is Still A Business

I’m sure you have all been the recipient of at least one invitation from a fellow military spouse to attend a product party. They are either hosting it or launching their own business. Good for them!

I had a home based business pre-military and was pretty successful at it. As I see more products coming out in the direct sales market, I see an increase in spouses jumping on board.

This can be good and not so good.

Good in that one can work their business around what’s important to them, make additional income and most likely carry their business to the next assignment location.

The not so good is when someone enters into a business contract with no plan on how to market themselves and the product in a professional manner.

If you’re an introvert with no plans to change that, a home based business might not be for you. It can’t function on ‘friends and family’ alone. This is the answer companies use to overcome a potential sellers concern of “Where do I start?”.

You can harm personal relationships if your approach is that they must ‘help’ you in what you chose to do and if your business pitch is constantly worked into conversations. Reach out to them once and then leave it alone. You alone are responsible for the investment you make. Making the first invitation to your home a sales pitch is also off-putting.

‘Do’ Actions: Know the company’s marketing plan Sell a product that you actually use and believe in Take a business class or two Check out how many people are selling for the same company in your area Be professional in your communications Set goals Set up a separate Facebook account from your personal one for your business Have child care and back up child care for your appointments/shows Avoid begging people to host a party ‘for you’ Invest at the level you can afford to lose Know your products and company practices Keep your business separate from your unit spouse activities! Offer discounts and coupons Learn how to sell yourself and your business to someone outside of your familiar circle

It can be life changing and life enriching to have a home based business but it is not for everyone who wants a portable and flexible avenue to extra income.

I hope this helps those who are considering taking the leap.

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