Bon Jovi Rocks for Vets


These days, there is an app for everything. You can check your email, your horoscope, the weather and your credit score. Apps can quickly entertain your toddler or remind you where you parked. Your smartphone can be your link to vital news and celebrity gossip, putting any information you want at your fingertips.

For rock stars like Bon Jovi, app technology lets fans listen to music, buy concert tickets, and keep up with the latest on Twitter. Bon Jovi, a superstar philanthropist as well, sees the value of apps in helping veterans in need. In the article “Bon Jovi Backs Innovative Program To Help Homeless Vets,” Judi Hasson describes the Project REACH (Real-time Electronic Access for Caregivers and the Homeless) challenge which is encouraging app developers to design programs that would easily let caregivers see what resources were available for veterans in need. “The mobile apps would be able to find a bed available the same night for a homeless veteran, locate affordable housing, find a job opening and direct the vet to a health care facility.”

Homelessness among veterans is a staggering problem, with 1 out of every 6 men and women in homeless shelters being a veteran. Though this is a huge problem, progress is being made and this year has seen a 12% drop in veteran homelessness. According to Hasson, “President Obama has vowed to end veteran homelessness by 2015.” Bon Jovi is onboard with this goal saying, “I am very excited. We do really believe we can eradicate homelessness not only for vets but every American." Hopefully the excitement created by this contest, from both Bon Jovi and the $25,000 prize for the winner, will lead to an app that will truly put veteran’s resources within easy reach.


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