What you Missed: Houses, Money and Peeing on Trees


Life might be crazy, but we've got your back. We have a collection of the most important, interesting or entertaining MilSpouse news of the past week. Enjoy!

Use MilSpouse Blogs to get rid of that Swiss Family Robinson feeling.

When the military you know and the military portrayed in the media are two totally different things, blogs from your fellow military spouses can help your complicated life feel more normal.

Jacey gives us three very good reasons why.

Teachers, nurses, dental hygienists:  Find out how your state can help you with your professional license.

Part of our professional development as military spouses is getting involved with the way military service affects our jobs.  The White House this week announced a new push to help military spouses with their professional licenses. Military spouses whose jobs require a professional license often find themselves in a pinch when they move across state lines. Getting a new license can be time consuming and expensive.  Only 11 states are currently in compliance.  Find out how the White House hopes to convince states to follow a set of “best practices” to make the process easier.

Read more about what they plan to do here.

Don't buy a house. Except when it's better to buy a house.

Should military families own or rent a home?  One expert explores 11 reasons why military families should not buy – and seven reasons they should.

Getting ready to PCS? See her military-specific reasoning here.

If you're a MilSpouse that appreciates government funding, then 2013 is your year.

Military families faired pretty well in the president’s 2013 budget. The budget, released early this week, includes many significant cuts. But military family programs are slated to get the same amount as they did last year. One cut healthcare cut, however, will impact military families.

Find out more about that here.

New TRICARE dental provider will make sure your pearly whites are white -- not silver.

TRICARE is changing its dental program and it sounds like you will benefit. In May Metlife will take coverage over from United Concordia. Among the changes will be coverage of tooth colored fillings.

Read more at Military.com’s benefits blog about what’s coming.

What? The military housing folks don't want you to pee in the bushes? Crazy.

Male military spouses have some surprising reasons for wanting to live off base. Blogger Wayne Perry over at the Loving a Soldier blog reveals the real reason men don’t want on base housing … no more peeing outside.

Yes, he went there - and it’s hilarious.

Can you tell me how to get [my military child] to Sesame Street? Yes, we can.

Sesame Street wants your feedback on how they can better help military families. Sesame Street for Military Families produces programs, runs shows and provides resources for military kids. The information they gather through the survey, they will, is to help them serve us better.

Take the survey here.

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