What Ball Gown Should You Wear To The White House?


When the White House announced they were holding a state dinner in honor of the troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, I was gleeful on their behalf.  The closer we get to the event, however, the more I know that  I am way more interested in what everyone is going to wear.

No way all those service members have all the itty bitty pieces of the requisite uniform—or the extra bucks to pay for a new uniform that actually fits. But I would bet that most of the military spouses who will attend already have something that will work in their closets.

Because being a military spouse or girlfriend means that you always have a reason to buy a ball gown. Face it: You need every season. You need every size. You need that stretch velvet maternity gown. Because military spouses and girlfriends just never know when the opportunity to cavort with men in uniform is going to come up.

So what do would you wear to the White House? Me? I’d wear this fantastic black and white hounds tooth chiffon skirt that I just so happened to pick up for 70% off at the end of the season. And since it is the White House, I would definitely wear a top with that.

Then again, there is always the beauty of the black gown. You are never ever wrong in black. Black is elegant. Black is slimming. Black blends nicely with every uniform and does not show stains when you spill wine down the front of your gown as Michele Obama strolls by.

Secretly though, I wish everyone would wear red to this thing. I read somewhere that when you are most unsure of yourself, you should wear red. Red stiffens your spine. Red is the color of  love. Red stands for courage. Which ought to make everyone remember exactly why the military has been invited to the White House in the first place.

Navy wife Jacey Eckhart is Editor of SpouseBuzz and author of I Married a Spartan??  The Care and Feeding of Your Military Marriage available on iTunes and at www.jaceyeckhart.com.


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