The Theory of Relativity?


You know when you move to a new installation and your spouse hasn't really settled into the job, and the CAC card hasn't been programmed yet ... and there's not much for him to do so he comes home fairly early? Well I don't know why I do it, but I get used to that every time it happens. I enjoy him getting home at 5 p.m. Sometimes even 4:30. We have the whole evening together as a family, and I think, "I just LOVE this new duty station. How glorious life is."

But then, one day not too long after we've settled in, the CAC card gets squared away, and commanders start to expect that he's figuring things out, and the husband starts having to do actual work again.

And that return time starts creeping later.

And I start getting huffier.

5:30? Good grief, that's practically midnight. How lame. How unjust. It used to be 5:00. Sometimes even 4:30.

Nevermind that at our old duty station my husband had a lengthy commute and never once got home before 6:30. 5:30 or 5:45 should feel great, right? Except all of that is a distant forgotten memory, and I had two weeks of 5:00 -- sometimes even 4:30! -- and now that's what I have my heart set on.

That theory of time relativity related to a new job after a PCS, that gets me every time.

And let's not even talk about the return to real work days after a half-day schedule ...

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