Newsflash: Military Look is now Fashionable


Did you know that the “military look” is fashionable? Said look, and I quote “chic-ifies” your outfit.

Let’s pause here. When was the last time you looked at your servicemember and said “wow, that fabulous patrol cap chic-ifies your whole outfit" ...?

Yup, just as I thought: never.

But according to what this story calls “fashion’s top brass,” servicemembers everywhere are in luck. The military look, they say, is "in" for next fall with styles “for the urban battlefield” emerging as a trend during New York’s fashion week.

From the story:

"Maybe there's some subconscious thing with the troops coming out of Iraq," said Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire. "There is a more positive spin on military, much more so than when we saw military after 9/11."
Coles seems to be referencing the American military in her remarks. But before you rush to your closet and put on your spouse’s kit in the name of all things trendy and wonderful, let’s take a side-by-side peek at the "military" fashion New York is ga-ga over and the, ahem, “fashion” you’re likely to find in your own home.

NYC fashion week:

US Army fashion:

See what I'm talking about here? Utilitarian, yes. Fashionable? Hmmm ...

At least the camo will help you hide from that friend you’re avoiding – provided you’re surrounded by rocks, dirt and various shrubbery. Can't say that for New York's offering, now can you?

And that’s what I call the perfect marriage of fashion and utility.

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