New Week, New Stuff: Love is in the Air


When I dwelt in the land of the Singletons I dreaded, dreaded, dreaded Valentine’s Day. Why would the world be so cruel as to have a day specifically there to highlight my loneliness?

Now that I am a military spouse, but still often alone on Valentine’s Day despite my married state, I take the holiday as a chance to remember and celebrate the people who love me – including my husband, my family and the fantastic ladies of my spouse support network.

I’m sure we all have some sort of lovey plans for this week – whether they are hanging out with girlfriends for a chick flick night, a low key evening with our spouse, an evening on the town, or a Skype date with someone far away.

We have big plans here at SpouseBUZZ, too. … and I don’t just mean plans to eat copious amounts of Valentines Day candy while posting cool stuff for you while eating copious amounts of Valentine’s Day candy (although that really does sound like a fantastic idea, now that I think about it.

Here is a taste of what’s coming up this week:

Andi gave her farewell Friday, handing the Editor reigns off to Navy spouse speaker and MilSpouse Jacey Eckhart. She’ll be doing an introduction post here soon. In the meantime, check out her regular Military.com column over here.

In case you missed New York’s fashion week, we’ve got news for you: the world is in love with the "military look." Of course MilSpouses know that uniforms are sexy – but fashionable? Huh? Just you wait.

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