Milspouse Stand Down Day

Considering the tone the milspouse internet world has taken over the past 3 or more months, it would be refreshing to have a stand down day.

Just one day of pausing at the keys before typing words that do nothing to better ones self or someone else.

Obviously life isn’t sunshine and rainbows but being putrid with the defense of ‘free speech’ is ridiculous and frankly starting to get that worn out record sound.

Yes, I said record. I’m old enough to have actually played them which means a majority of my military affiliation and active duty life did not include Facebook, blogs, Twitter and the rest. My sense of humor and irony is fully intact though.  I’m more of a broad than most but I’m also mature. I vent online and will sometimes cringe at my vague tweets. Did that sound as supremely negative as I thought it did upon seeing it in cyberspace?

There is a line that everyone needs to draw for themselves, be it in real life or behind a computer screen. Without it, what is the point of interacting?

Maybe I’m just a dreamer or I’m wondering what my fellow internet loving Milspouses think about leaving the negative where it belongs?

Even for just a day.

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