MilSpouse Round-Up: Ninjas, Guard and Farewells


Been a busier-than-usual bee? Never fear: if you missed the Spouse world action this week we can help you catch-up.  Here are the big things that happened here on SpouseBUZZ – and a few things that didn’t get to cover but are worth your attention:

We said “goodbye” to SpouseBUZZ founder Andi. After almost six years Andi is stepping down as editor of SpouseBUZZ for a hill of new adventures. She’s handing her duties off to the fabulous Jacey Eckhart and Yours Truly – and we are excited to take the blog and our coverage of all things MilSpouse to brave new levels. Andi, we will miss you!

Make sure to check out her farewell post.

We helped one spouse figure out how to make friends after her husband moved from enlisted ranks to officer corps. What do you do when feel rejected because you are no longer an enlisted spouse but also feel ignored by the officer spouses in your new unit?

Read her question and give her your thoughts.

What if MilSpouses trained to be Ninja Assassins? An Iranian ninja boot camp of sorts is training females in that country to kick butt and take names. If they can do it, so can we.

Want to join our MilSpouse Ninja Assassin club?

One spouse and her Army recruiter husband caused a whole hill of drama when she blogged that National Guardsmen and their wives are not “real” soldiers or Army wives. Even crazier: his command stepped-in and apologized for his comments.

So are Guardsmen and their spouses “real” soldiers and Army wives or not?

Still have a few minutes? Check these items out as well …

With Valentines Day coming up it’s a good time to give your marriage some much needed love. One blogger at the NY Times “At War” blog is pledging to keep her marriage from becoming a “casualty of war.” There she writes about the value of marriage counseling (which is free for most of us through the military – so why not use it?) and the importance of keeping your marriage healthy.

“Personally, I refuse to contribute to the military divorce rate. I refuse to let my marriage become a casualty of war. So I continue to fight for it,” she writes.

Make sure to check out this eloquent, encouraging post.

Krystel at ArmyWife101 posted her top tips for commissary shopping. My favorite: “When the electronic voice at the registers says “Next please” Goooooo!”

Make sure to read (and remember) the rest of her tips.

Want to get outdoors? The Sierra Club is offering chances for military families (and even a special chance just for spouses) to get outdoors and explore for free or a small fee. They don’t have programs everywhere, but it it’s worth checking to see if there’s one near you.

Check out the information on the program from Blue Star Families.

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