Girl Power: Ninja Assassins

Is there anything about the idea of female ninja assassins that doesn't make you think "heck yes?"  Now, what if they hailed from, say, Iran?

I ran across this link on Facebook this morning during my daily time-wasting extremely important news scroll and just had to check it out. We all know that the concept of Iran can be a little, um,  scary. With their highly unpredictable regime and penchant for the weird, I personally file them squarely under "places I'm afraid my spouse will someday be forced to deploy."

(Don't lie: you were thinking it, too).

Check out the video:


Does the existence of female Iranian ninja assassins make me any less nervous? Probably not. But it does up their "awesome" level in my mind. After all, I am a self-admitted "Alias" addict. Why doesn't the US have this?

My overactive imagination envisions me and a handfull of my MilSpouse friends leading secret ninja-assassin lives where we say we're headed to an FRG meeting, but really we put on our ninja outfits and take down the bad guys. Who needs SEAL Team 6 when you have our lethal band of black clothed MilSpouse ninja chicks?

(There's a slight possibility that I spend way too much time watching girl-power shows when my husband isn't around).

Incidentally, our friends over at Military.com's female servicemember blog agree -- girl power! (Sorry, male spouses).

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