Spouse Deployed? Snuggle With his Heartbeat


File this one under kind of cool/potentially creepy. A Scottish designer has created a pillow that wirelessly connects to your servicemember’s heartbeat wherever he is, pulsing and glowing in real time. He (or her), in turn, has a pillow that connects to you. And both of you feel like the other one is there, if only in the form of foam … or whatever it is pillows are made of.

Here’s how it goes: you both put on a specially designed ring that transmits your heartbeat info to a panel. That panel is installed in a pillow on your bed. Commence to snuggle.


You can easily see how this would be worlds more practical for long distance couples in the same time zone than, say, between here and Afghanistan with the giant time difference.

But here’s my personal opinion: no matter where you are, the creepy factor is still high. What if you are having a bad dream and your heart beat goes bananas … and so does the “you” in the pillow in his bed? Or what if he is out late or forgets his ring – and then you spend a bunch of time wondering where he is? How is this going to turn out well?

There is also the “how does it even work?” question – which, frankly, I was not able to find the answer to. Cell signal? Wireless connection? It likely doesn’t matter because none of those things are going to be reliable in most parts of the ‘Stan.

And then there is this: if I had a throbbing, glowing pillow in my bed I can promise you that I would be the opposite of soothed – I would be wide awake, wondering how in the world to turn it off. I am clearly not a candidate for this product.

We have plenty of time to think about this, of course, since the product isn’t actually available for sale yet. But if it was, and if you could make it work, would you buy it or be royally annoyed like me?

Major kuddos to Allie over at My Marine and Me who pointed this whole thing out. Thanks!

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