Reintegration: The Good


I’ve been posting since the summer of 2011 about military life, news stories and deployment tips.

Our deployment ended in the early days of December and we went through the process our way. Just us, our photographer, his boss, Commander and a few colleagues. Perfect. I truly appreciate single arrivals after the things I hear about the larger, group arrivals.

Reintegration. Can I tell you about the good? As usual, it’s from our own perspective but it started with the joint decision for me to meet him alone. The kids only had two hours of school left when his flight arrived and we needed the time to get him situated before the inevitable ‘attack’ of excited little people. He was better able to handle that after starting his acclimation to our life and home.

No relatives by choice. The last thing we need is confusion and stress. After the things he went through during the deployment, a softer landing was the better one. I could tell that was right by his tears that came with our first hug. Relief. Peace.

He loved the Build A Sign that I had customized with his photo. Then it was time for the dog to lose his mind at seeing his daddy.

Nearly a month later, I can report that yes, there were bumps. However we talked a lot. Reintegration is about every member of the family. We all had our time to express how we felt.  As parents we made joint decisions on how to approach the excitement and anxiousness of the kids.

Everything is not for everyone else to know or have input on. I’m talking about the complaining on Facebook, to family and friends. It’s a process. If the process is off the rails there are ways to deal with it with while keeping your self-respect.

We’re facing the next phase which consists of back to work and promotion testing, but I think we’re doing a great job on the whole. Secret? Communication, compromise and not letting what you ‘think’ should happen rule the day. Do what’s best for your marriage and your family.  Bend to pressures and you will be adding unnecessary challenges to the mix.

Just wanted to let you know that some reintegration times are pleasantly boring, happy and healthy. For those that aren’t, you know you can reach out to your medical provider, Chaplain, Military One Source or Military Life Consultants. They are skilled in helping.

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