Politics & the Uniform: Watch Yourselves


This is Military 101 in the manual of what not to do in uniform:

  • Show up at a political rally in uniform
  • Get interviewed by CNN endorsing a candidate in uniform
  • Take the podium with candidate and endorse their foreign policy ideals while speaking for others. Still in uniform.
That’s what Cpl. Jess Thorsen did and now he’s cooling his heels and awaiting the military’s next move which could end his career.

Since the campaign season is upon us, here’s a refresher for those who have uniform amnesia.

Don’t do it.


“Military rules prohibit participation in “partisan political” events as a speaker or organizer and mandate that servicemembers (sic) avoid media interviews in which they advocate “for or against a partisan political party, candidate, or cause.  Troops are allowed to attend political events as spectators, but not while in uniform.”
Military folks do need to keep up with the political process but not to the detriment of their career. (Also it’s a good time to confirm your voting status especially if there’s been a recent location change). Show Full Article

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