No More BCG Lovin'


Remember those goofy looking glasses your dearly beloved sported through Basic Training? They’re about to go away forever.

That’s right -- no more military brides will have to look past those fabulous spectacles or “BCGs” (short for “birth control glasses” -- yeah, they’re that ugly!) to see their beloved’s face. Instead they get to gaze past these beauties:

According to the Navy, all basic training recruits across the military will be given by default the new frames. And the BCGs will be a thing of the past.

Anyone else feeling a little sentimental? Everyone who needs glasses while having anything to do with the military basic has a BCG tale.

For example, those glasses are a part of my military story. It goes like this: I fell in love with an awesome man. And even though he had to wear those butt-ugly glasses that made him look like the biggest dork on the planet, I chose to love him anyway. The end. So sweet, I know.

What’s your BCG story?

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