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I’ve been following the lovely British military spouses of the military wives choir ever since posting about their hit “Christmas” single a few weeks ago. The Daily Mail, a UK paper, today published a profile story on the group’s lead soloist and Royal Marines wife Sam Stevenson.

I’m sure there are many differences between being an American military spouse and a British one -- if anything it’s that we have it easier thanks to the comparatively huge amount of support funding Milfams here get. Regardless of what those differences may be, one thing is certain – no matter where you are being a military spouse requires a hefty dose of grace and strength. Reading about Stevenson’s struggles with a deployed husband and injured mother reminded me that we American spouses are not alone.

Sam, if you’re reading this – thanks for being a fantastic voice and face for military spouses everywhere  --  not just in your country but worldwide. You guys are doing great things!

P.S. If anyone I know, including myself,  had the vocabulary you do, we’d all sound much, much more intelligent.

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