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We were recently gifted an ipad from my family.  Its primary purpose is to be used as a big component of my son's therapies and it is phenomenal in that respect.  We are truly grateful.  In addition to speech apps and editing excel documents, keeping track of progress and all the other therapy related things we are able to do, I love that I can do an 800 piece puzzle at my leisure without worrying that my less than well-behaved two year-old lost a piece, or ten.  It is fabulous!  Seriously.

Another great thing I have made use of is recordable book apps.  There are many book apps out there, but quite a few allow you the option to record a copy of your narration.  I love this!  Not only does mom &/or dad deploy, go tdy/unaccompanied, etc, but we are often times living far away from extended family.  The ability to keep grandparents and aunts and uncles just a little bit closer and a little more fresh in our daily routine is something I appreciate.

Last time my stepdaughter was here we recorded one of Hallmark's books and an app of a bedtime book originally published in 1956.  The great thing about the My Go to Bed Book is that multiple narrations can be stored - I love that.  Before my husband left for his latest tdy adventure, I sent him upstairs to record a couple books.  I was supposed to be doing dishes but got sucked into the interweb and he surprised me by coming downstairs way faster than I expected.

"They are kids books and I'm a pretty advanced reader."

The Hallmark app series is free and not limited to ipads so anyone with the ipod touch or iphone can make use of those.  Droid Does *not in our house, so I can't speak to their App Market selections - let us know in the comments if you'd like.  Another option I found while googling my links - A Story Before Bed is an online service that even has a military program.

Anyone have any other book apps that allow you to record a narration?

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