How To Piss Off Your "Peace-Loving" Mother

When I read this story about Rosie O'Donnell's son Parker begging his mother to attend a military academy, I was reminded of my friend's sister-in-law who forbade my friend from giving her nephew holiday gifts which were in any way "militant" or military related. So fearful was she that her child may become attracted to the military that she was determined to do everything in her power to dissuade him from the notion that military service was an acceptable option for a future career.

At some point children choose their own path no matter what parents have done to push them in one direction or another.

"He chose on his own. He actually begged to go to a military academy. And I was like two years of 'No way,'" the OWN talk show host explained on Access Hollywood Tuesday.

"Truth is, since he was a little boy, that's his area of interest. The same way I love Streisand and Bette Midler and entertainment, he can tell you any general in any war, what kind of tanks they had, what the battles were like," O'Donnell, who has three other children, said. "So I finally gave in and truthfully, he's excelling and he's very happy."

After reading the full article, it was this quote which jumped out at me:
"How do you really piss off your really left wing and peace-loving mother? You join the military," the comedienne joked. "Parker was like, 'Mother, I'd like to serve the Nation.' I'm like crying, 'Serve me instead!'"
I've always taken issue with those who assume that service members and their families are rebel rousers for war or aren't lovers-of-peace themselves. They may be the first ones to run towards the fight, but they are the last to want a fight. Military families want peace as much as any civilian, perhaps more so. However, if called to fight, our military will rise to the challenge.

I wish Parker all the best at his military academy and I sincerely hope that this experience is an eye-opener for his mother. Something tells me it will be....

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