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The book "1001 Things to Love About Military Life" landed on my desk last week. I was immediately skeptical. Seriously, how can there possibly be 1,001 things to love about military life? Some days I have trouble coming up with two, much less 1,001.

But since the book is coauthored in part by my friends Tara Crooks and Star Henderson, matrons of the Army Wife Network, I thought I'd give it a chance. These ladies usually know what they're talking about -- they'd have to be waaaaaaay off base to be wrong 1,001 times, right?

So I started reading. Turns out this book is down right fabulous. It is literally a numbered list of 1,001 things that aren't so bad about military life. I know, I know -- the title says "love." But it may just be more like, in some instances, "begrudgingly learn to live with, come to expect and would miss if they were gone." Examples include: smelly PT shirts #73), birth control glasses or BCGs (#630), or the deployment cycle (#406).

I had a chance to sit down and chat with Star the other day to talk about the book and what it means. Check out the video.


I wish I had a copy of this book to give away to one of our readers -- because this title is going to find a permanent place on my shelf. And here's why: the next time I have a "wow the military BLOWS" day I'm going to pull it out, read through some of the list and remember how much I actually DO like these things ... even though sometimes they are hard. Without them my military life would not be the same.

Consider this as a great gift idea for a military spouse who needs a little pick-me-up ... or for yourself. No one ever said you can't give yourself a Christmas gift, right?

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