Don't Forget -- No More Walgreens


I don't regret saying it: I hate the on-base pharmacy here at Fort Campbell, and at every duty station we've called home.  Yes, I've filed an ICE comment about it. Yes, they helped me with that specific issue at the time. No, it has not gotten better overall. Maybe they see me coming and go extra special slow on purpose, or maybe I'm just bad at picking a good time to go get meds.

But no matter how you shake it, nothing can convince me to fill my generic medications on base. I always, ALWAYS ask for a written prescription to take elsewhere, and shell out the $4 (or whatever it is) instead. We don't take that many prescriptions, so I can afford the once in a while cost. And that $4 is the price of my sanity.

Until now my "elsewhere" of choice has been Walgreens. It's just always been the most convenient place -- no other reason, really. ... and so this whole "Walgreens no longer fills Tricare prescriptions" business is a real burr in my side.

If you have ever filled a Tricare prescription at Walgreens in the past, you should've received at least one super fun roto-call warning you this was coming, and maybe even another reminding you of the impending doom (I know I did). You may have even noticed a variety of advertising campaign by Walgreens making their ways through military publications complaining that Tricare won't play ball with the contract and that Walgreens still loves you deeply.

But that's not the point. The long and the short of it is this: as of Jan. 1 Walgreens will no longer accept Tricare as an insurer and, if you really want to get your stuff filled there, it's on your own dime.

Don't forget!

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