Care Package Surprise: Svelte Shaping


If gaining a slim figure through the magic of compression wear doesn’t boost morale, I don’t know what will.

Deployed servicemembers will find something new in their USO care packages this Christmas – their very own SPANX compression undershirt.

This company is popular among the red carpet set for its ability to magically make you look much skinnier, toned and more awesome than you actually are, particularly when it comes to your rear. What servicemember doesn’t want that?!

And since those uniforms our guys and gals wear are so form fitting, this is obviously incredibly important.

According to a news release:

 “We launched SPANX for Men to help guys battle the bulge, and now we’re proud to donate SPANX Cotton Compression Undershirts to the men who go to battle for us every day,” said Spanx CEO Laurie Ann Goldman. “The shirts help men feel firmer and stand taller, and we hope they serve as a reminder to our servicemen that we stand firmly behind them. This donation is a unique way for Spanx to support the troops, and we appreciate the partnership of the USO to help make it happen.”
I’ve heard stories from my own personal servicemember about the weird stuff that ends up in some of these care packages. ... so this probably isn't that off the wall.

In all seriousness, however, the folks downrange are grateful for any love or goodies sent their way. And while there’s probably little need to for them to “battle the bulge” at this exact moment, compression wear can be good for a variety of really important things. I, in fact, am a huge fan of compression socks for after long runs. With all the weight they haul, a compression shirt may actually be of some actual benefit.

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