Timberlake Wowed by the Corps


We spend a lot of time here talking about whether or not Hollywood’s support of the military is a good, bad or neutral thing. But one thing is for sure: Justin Timberlake's acceptance of an invitation from a female Marine to the birthday ball was straight up awesome.

He’s blogged about the experience over on his website. I had heard the event was completely free of paparazzi, leaving Timberlake the chance to really get to know the Marines in attendance – to really see what it means to be a proud member of the Corps.

From his blog post:

We all have our own individual views on war... But, doesn't that speak to just another thing that makes this country so special?? The fact that we can all wake up every morning and BE individual with a pure sense of freedom..? But, one thing that can't be argued is that it's because of the people who VOLUNTEER their lives to make sure that it's protected at all times. And, like I said before, doing so while asking for nothing in return...
Timberlake is not the best blogger I’ve ever read, but what he writes there is a raw account of his awe and respect for what he witnessed that night.

His respect for servicemembers makes me proud to be a MilSpouse.


Photo credit: Justin Timberlake

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