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Here at SpouseBUZZ, we'd like to congratulate airforcewife on the recent publishing of her first novel, The Spy's Wife. This has been a labor of love for airforcewife. All of her research, hard work and seclusion has definitely paid off. She's delivered a riveting read, and I'm not just saying that because I know and adore the author. The Spy's Wife is truly a page-turner. Military spouses will definitely relate to Kimberly Stannick, the protagonist. From the separations to anticipatory grief to all-things-war, most military spouses will see shades of their own life on the pages of this book. A summary:

The last time Kimberly Stannick saw her husband alive, she was kissing him good-bye at the secret place CIA officers use as their jumping-off point for the war zone.

What she didn't know, however, is that the death of her husband in a targeted suicide bombing was only the beginning. The terrorist who ordered Jon Stannick's death is carrying a grudge, and he will not stop until Kim and her children have also been eliminated.

As Kim strives to heal from the death of her husband, she is offered a minor job in the Directorate of Support of the CIA. It is on a final training trip to Vienna that she first encounters the terrorist responsible for her husband's death. When he follows her back to the States and begins a concerted campaign that targets the Stannick family, the CIA moves to protect Kim and her children. But even the nation's greatest spy agency doesn't see everything, and it is only with the concerted efforts of Mike, a fellow CIA officer and Jon's former battle-buddy, and the unfaltering devotion of an elderly Persian immigrant named Mrs. Shah, who is trying to atone for her own past in revolutionary Iran, that the Stannick family has any chance of eluding the man fixated on their elimination.

Along the way, Kim finds herself in a world most Americans don't see, and forced to make choices that sear her already scarred soul.

Be sure to visit the website for Shawn Davis Writes to keep up to date on news re The Spy's Wife. Lucky for us, airforcewife is already working on the sequel. We hope she works fast because we're dying to know what the future holds for the Stannick family.

Do yourself a favor and buy this book. You can purchase The Spy's Wife by clicking on any of the links below:

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Congratulations, airforcewife. Well Done!

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