The Foolishness in Assuming


It takes all kinds of personalities to make up a family, a community and the world.  This understanding has deeper emphasis in the military life environment.  Barring egregious and criminal behavior, people are just people.

Military members have different interests and personalities from each other. Varying personal and career goals and different ways of self expression. I loved meeting people with backgrounds and points of view that differed from mine in the service.  We had a job to do and learned more about each other along the way.

Military spouses are no different. They are of various belief systems, cultural backgrounds, education levels and personalities. Another opportunity to meet interesting individuals and learn more about them and from them.

The term ‘military spouse’ is a category, not a blanket.

Of course everyone won’t get along or be friends and that can also be handled in a mature fashion.

Foolish is the one who assumes to know the entire story of a fellow spouse or fellow military member from a glance. Everything isn’t what it seems and life is too short for assumptions. Why bother creating surface assumptions regarding others' personal lives and circumstances?  Too many other things to take care of in a day than building a negative story about someone and verbalizing the story as fact.

There is beauty in our differences.  There’s something to learn from everyone you meet, especially in our military community.  You may not become best friends or double dating couples, but human decency and maturity are a lot easier to display than the energy-draining alternative.  People do have feelings.

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