Retail Realism and Special Occasion Attire

Time for some of us to search for homecoming, military ball and holiday party attire. This can be a fun and stressful process, especially when ordering from a catalogue or online. We don’t all live near our favorite stores and online retailers offer more choices.However, I’d love to pen a letter to these retailers with just one request.

Dear Retail Store X,

I love browsing through your pages of clothing. I love shopping for special occasions the most! My closet has clothes for all seasons in at least three sizes. Yes, three sizes.  This is where my suggestion comes in.

Instead of those tall drinks of water modeling the clothing in the sample size category, is it possible to put them on women of at least a size 6 variety and label the picture as such? Or how about two or three models wearing the same outfit in sizes 4, 8 and 14? This would help the visual process of buying online and probably cut down on your returned merchandise.

Oh, and could you have them model in more realistic poses like sitting down, a normal walk, or just plain standing without limb exaggeration?

Sincerely, Me

Different manufacturers practice vanity sizing or cut clothing differently. I know I’m not alone in buying ‘my size’ only to find it’s slightly too big or small. I keep them for when I may zig or zag. Happily, I’m in the single-digit size but that still doesn’t help me visualize how my chosen outfit is going to look on me compared to that model in the sample size and the weird pose.

Currently I’m waiting for a homecoming dress from on online (only) store. The model wore it like a gem. I know she’s taller than I am but I can fix that with heels. I’m worried about the forgiveness of the material, the shaping and draping and wish that I could have seen it on a model with a size annotation on the picture.

Standing by is my emergency Spanx!

Are you having luck with your clothing searches for special occasions or everyday attire?

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