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My husband has been pretty excited to get his two boys into their own sets of NWUs, the Navy's digi cam.  He hasn't been at a command/shop yet that wears them, but when I showed him the little uniforms on the Navy Exchange site, he was willing to green light a set for each of them.  Then, because he couldn't help himself, he even ordered extra name tapes when he got his own sets ready (to sit in the closet for a couple years).  It turns out the kid uniforms are sized quite big, so the smaller ones are still a little big on our oldest.

We were not sure how Halloween was going to go this year as it was our first since the three year old was diagnosed with autism.  We didn't want to buy a costume and have it become an issue, so we decided to give the NWUs a try.  After a few days of dad and son matching around the house we were good to go.

Our son attends a class at the school down the street and they had a parade for all of the kids to show off their costumes.  The letter home had some mask and weapon restrictions and suggested the costumes be based on book characters.  Luckily we still had our copy of My Sailor Dad, so we sent him off with that in his super awesome bookbag.

As his class marched past us, the aide came over to tell us something.  It turns out they started their day going around the room asking all the kids what each boy or girl came to school dressed as.  When it came time for Mr Man, another little boy shouted out that he was "a daddy!"

How awesome.

It is funny that the related article feature lets me know I ended up copying a post title from Sarah - posted on Halloween 2007.  The internet is so weird sometimes!

What are some collective "awwww" moments mil-kids have caused for you?

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