More Casting Info for “Army Wives of Alaska”


It looks like the producers of the new, Army-sanctioned “Army Wives of Alaska” reality TV show will be meeting with spouses in Alaska the week of Nov. 28.

It doesn’t look like they are working with one base exclusively, although this story does specifically mentions Fort Wainwright.

This will be the first ever reality show to be filmed on a military installation. The idea for the show came from an Alaska-based Army spouse who convinced the producers that there are compelling stories to tell.

There may still be time to apply, so check out this link.

While I generally harbor giant piles of skepticism about stuff like this, I’m pretty excited about this show. I’ve spent a lot of time with Army public affairs folks breathing down my neck making sure I don’t write anything they don’t like … and I’m not even trying to. You better believe they’ll be making sure this stays kosher or shutting down production.

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