High and Tight

I don't like Justin Bieber hair. I don't like Ashton Kutcher hair either. I like my man high and tight.

I didn't enjoy it when my husband was part of SOF and had the "privilege" of growing his hair out a little. No thank you. I want to see some scalp in that haircut! As my husband gets older, his haircut gets less high and less tight, and I miss it being really short. Ah, I remember him getting off the plane after Airborne school...19 years old, severely farmer-tanned from the neckline up, and with a standard Benning haircut. Rawr.

My husband's brother was also in the Army for a while. His normal non-Army look was more of a Grizzly Adams vibe, but he shaved his bushy beard and cut his long hair for the three years he was in. His wife was looking forward to ETSing so he could grow his hair back out.

But not me. I like the short hair.

How about you? Did your husband used to have a beard or longer hair that you miss? Or do you like it high and tight too? Or perhaps it's been so long that you can't even remember your spouse with non-military hair. And male spouses, do you hate seeing your wife's hair trapped in a bun all day every day?

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