Gettin’ My Groove Back


While definitely the easiest move we have made, this PCS still has me a bit befuddled.  I was so intent on making this the smoothest move to date for my boys and my husband that I forgot about making it smooth for me, too.  I am having difficulty getting into a personal groove and just can’t seem to get my ‘stuff’ together.  I have been all-systems-go or at a complete standstill, unable to pace myself or to write lists for all the crap I need to get done.  Balance…that’s the word… I am struggling with finding a balance and rhythm to my life.

When I finally made it to the grocery store last week (Hallelujah!), I was plodding along, making a boring chore more boring by taking no joy in all the food available in a civilian grocery store as apposed to the commissary, when I found myself singing along to the piped in music softly playing overhead.

The song?  Back on My Feet Again by Michael Bolton.

Thank you, Michael, thank you.  And while it did give me an odd hankering to purchase cheese, it was more a reminder that I will soon find a way to get my ‘stuff’ together.  It might be hard, it might take time, and I hope it won’t be long, but this feeling, too will pass and balance will find it’s way back to me.

How do you get your groove back when you find yourself out of rhythm?

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