Do You Carry On The Culture?


Many places, people and cultures. It’s easy to carry some traditions back to ‘the world’ for years or for life.  Foods and products that we loved while abroad can still tickle our fancy.

Do you remove your shoes at the door from time spent on the islands? Is the holiday season not the same without Glühwein? Eat your French fries with a fork or have your salad after the main course?

As far as language goes, we use a few terms that we picked up in the Pacific to express exasperation. It’s so programmed in our minds that it just pops out. The same thing with a European language that I find myself thinking in and saying phrases in before I can correct myself.

A year or so ago I was directed to an online store that imports many of the items I loved to eat and use from Germany.  Now I can get the taste and feel of a place I fell in love with as often as I want.

When we’re out late at night, we sorely miss having a 24-hour Ichiban to stop in before coming home.

Any traditions, customs or foods that made it back with you in your household goods?

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