Casting Call for "Army Wives of Alaska"


There is a casting call out for Army spouses to be featured in a television series titled, "Army Wives of Alaska."

If you're an "Army wife," whose husband is an active-duty member of the armed services and who happens to be stationed in Alaska, a new reality show to be filmed in the state may be looking for you.
Before you groan, this show has the potential to be the polar opposite of the proposed, "Military Wives of San Diego." The Navy has strongly discouraged spouses from participating in the San Diego show, but according to this item on the U.S. Army Alaska's website, Army Wives of Alaska has the Army's seal of approval.
U.S. Army Alaska is supporting an upcoming television series highlighting the lives of Army spouses in Alaska. The production company is 44 Blue Productions from Los Angeles.
It appears that this show is more interested in portraying a realistic, balanced image of military life, and less interested in drama.
Does your husband or wife serve in the Army in the Anchorage or Fairbanks area?  When you hear the word “deployment”, does it mean more to you than just a word heard on the evening news?  Do you find strength and community from other Army spouses while your loved one is serving our country?  If so, we would like to hear your story.
Now that's a show I would be interested in watching. Let's hope the producers remain true to the description above. I would hope, given the Army's blessing, that Army Wives of Alaska would be a decent portrayal of military life, unlike what many of us supposed the other show would turn out to be.

If you're an Alaska-based spouse interested in being featured on the show, you can find details here.

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