Buying Chicken Pox?


Just read a story that triggered a recollection of Chicken Pox Parties.

They happen all over the country, and I know military spouses have been among the participants. I remember having a dropped jaw when I first learned about them. It started out as putting an infected child in close proximity to other children in order for them to ‘catch’ the pox. This was timed for school holiday or vacations, or just because.

With the advent of the internet, it became the lollipop game. A person would let their infected child allegedly lick a sucker and then mail it to a parent so their child could eat the ‘infected’ candy.

The story that just broke is that a Find A Pox Party In Your Area Facebook Page was reported. It was a place where people were offering these "pox pops" for money in your area of choice.

Thinking about it?  According to the US Postal Service:

Mailing infectious substances and/or materials is illegal unless it meets very specialized requirements between authorized parties—and chicken pox parties don’t qualify.
Does one really know if its an infected pop? Is it going to work? What other germs come along with that lolli of biohazard? I get ill just thinking about people doing this to their kids. There’s a vaccine for chicken pox. None of my children have caught it due to being vaccinated. One can wait until it happens naturally, if ever.

I doubt there are any rules against having a pox party on base but I would urge individuals to make an informed decision about participating in one. Shipping an infected lollipop from an installation may just double your trouble.

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