Andrew Robinson: A Hero, Not a "Sexist"

So there I was.....reading an article about a Marine who served his country honorably, when out of the blue someone busted in and began wielding the "sexist" wand and pooh-poohing all over an inspirational story of a wounded warrior learning to live with his life-altering injuries.

Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Andrew Robinson was injured by a roadside bomb in 2006 just outside of the rat's nest that was Fallujah. As a result of his injuries, he's paralyzed from the chest down, including his arms. It goes without saying that injuries of these sort leave a lot of questions in the minds of our wounded warriors, and Andrew was no exception.

Robinson says when he got injured, one of his first thoughts was whether he and his wife would be able to have children.  Five years later, the couple is expecting twins around Christmas.  While Robinson eagerly anticipates the birth of his children he worries about the challenges he will face as a father because of his injury.

"It's like, 'How will you be able to hold a baby safely?'" said Robinson. "'How will you be able to give a baby a bottle?' 'Will you be able to change diapers or change the kid?'  There's lots of stuff and it stinks because you're a guy and your wife is supposed to be able to say, 'Hey honey can you grab that it's too heavy for me?'  'Well not really.'  And sometimes it has to work the other way around."

If I suddenly found myself paralyzed, I imagine I would have a lot of fears and worries, too. Some big and some small. I would be disappointed that I could no longer walk up the stairs or hug my husband or *gasp* be able to make the from-scratch Chicken and Dumplings that he so loves. I know, I know - how dare I imply that women belong in the kitchen....

Most people would understand these statements for what they were; Andrew wishing he was in a position to hold his children and help his wife around their home. But the first commenter out of the gate objected to Andrew's wife being referred to as a "girl," and then a reinforcement came in and piled on:

Amy I agree. That and his sexist remarks really took away from the story.

What does he mean by "... it stinks because you're a guy and your wife is supposed to be able to say, 'Hey honey can you grab that it's too heavy for me?' 'Well not really.' And sometimes it has to work the other way around."

Since the 1960's women have gained the miraculous ability to...carry and lift things for themselves. Imagine that.

No...just because you're a guy, that does NOT mean you are "supposed to say" ANYTHING.

Before anyone suggests this man has enough on his plate to worry about without learning to update his values, I would add that actually, updating his values would help him immensley because he seems to be having a very difficult time dealing with the fact he can no longer be the 1950's idea of what a man should be. If he were relieved of this burden, he would find things to be a LOT easier for him. Modern ways have improved life for men immensley

And the entire comment thread turned into a "yes, he's a sexist," "no, he's not a sexist" discussion. Lost was a story about a man who is overcoming obstacles and bravely putting his life back together.

This sort of thing never becomes any easier to swallow no matter how many times it plays out.

So, is Staff. Sgt. Andrew Robinson a sexist for wanting to help his wife and change a diaper? No, he's a hero. An inspiration, really.

I don't feel pity for Andrew. I admire him.

I pity those who can't see the forest for the trees.

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