Things That are Silly: "Hooyah"


Don’t think I’m just picking on the Navy here. Personal opinion: all of the service calls are silly. Hooah? Ooh-rah? And The Air Force’s … um … wait what was it that we decided they say? “Hip-hip-hooray?”  Or was it “fore!” … ? (Just kidding. Sorta).

Outside specific  Naval communities, such as the SEALs, where “hooyah” is the thing to say, the Navy has never really had a call of their own. Our friends over at the Navy Times are working on a story about an apparent Navy attempt to institute “Hooyah” as their official call.

Now, far be it from me to tell the SEALs what to do. If they want to walk around saying "hooyah," "yeehaw," "bow to me" or anything else for that matter, I won’t argue. But making “hooyah” a Navy wide thing? Or a thing at all? … Really?

I checked with a Navy PAO friend last night who informed me that she personally would not feel comfortable walking around saying “hooyah” because it belongs to the special forces Navy communities.

And while that may very well be true, I’m not that in the weeds here. I’m purely an asthetics sort of girl when it comes to the things I feel pressured to shout or have to see my servicemember wearing on a daily basis.

So what say you? Should the whole Navy “Hooyah” it up or not?

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