Roll Down Your Sleeves, Marines


No more bare and bulging Marine Corps biceps in front of our eyes at every turn. A rule announced yesterday bans Marines from sporting the rolled sleeves regardless of season or situation starting Oct. 24.

That gives Marines and spouses alike a mere three duty days and the weekend to stomach the change and move on.

I may be married to a super awesome Infantry Soldier (Go Army!!!!), but I do have an appreciation for the toughness of the Corps. I’ve always considered any difference between their uniforms and ours to be an effort to make themselves look especially awesome. Will having the same sleeve length as the rest of the DoD services cut down on their mystique? You tell me.

Another thing: I dated a Marine for awhile. Don’t for a second think the biceps peeking from the rolled sleeves wasn’t a major part of the attraction. (And possibly one of the only parts ... we dated for only two months. Hey, there's only so far nice arms can go).

Marine Corps spouses (and everyone else) - what say you?

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