"Military Wives of San Diego" Not Supported by Navy


A couple of weeks ago, we told you about a casting call for a new reality show, The Military Wives of San Diego. Many of you expressed skepticism that military spouses would be portrayed fairly. Looks like the Navy shares that skepticism. From a memo distributed to Navy personnel in the San Diego area:

It has come to the attention of the Public Affairs Office, Navy Region Southwest, that a casting company is soliciting military spouses for a new reality TV Show. It is NOT approved or supported by the Navy, and it is highly recommended that the service member and families avoid participating.

Navy personnel should avoid supporting this series as members of the Department of the Navy.  Navy spouses who choose to interview, audition, or are later cast in the series will not receive Navy public affairs support or guidance, nor will the production crew be granted access to any military facilities.

As fellow Navy Spouses who want to protect our friends, spouses, shipmates, and the Navy at large, please refrain from supporting this series and discourage others from participating as well.

If there's no access to base facilities and no filming on base, I wonder if this show can credibly exist. What do you think? Sinking ship, or will the show go on?

This brings up an interesting question. If you wanted to participate in something discouraged by the DoD (or branch), would you do it anyway, or would you heed their warning?

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