Homecoming Fun!

It’s like Christmas in July or February, or whatever month the homecoming falls.

I love the things I’ve seen and done over the years to prepare for Homecoming day. That one day seems to erase the previous separation, if only for a moment. The world gets righted, with sugar on top.

I get goose bumps and a tear in my eye when I see a house with “the” sign out front. Don’t have to know them to be excited for them. I love hearing homecoming plans of others. The trips planned, the special favorites on the menu. Love it!

For our family, the kids make the decorations. You can’t keep struggling artists down! I let them go for it and the living room turns into a mini-USO. I snap up every food item my husband loves as if a blizzard is expected. Favorite beer and wine, too.

There are gifts. Most of them he already knows about because I can’t keep my mouth shut. This happens every time.

My husband would be happy with none of the above. Just seeing us and being back in his house would satisfy him.  That’s what I love knowing in my heart.


Let’s face it, it is a milestone, a celebration of too much to mention, which I equate to a graduation party.

The theme: ‘We Made It!’

Let’s hear some homecoming ideas! What do you do to make the day special? Show Full Article

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