Holiday Plans - Share Them Here!

Can you believe we're down to 60 days until Christmas!

Is Christmas your holiday? I’m not a Thanksgiving fan, but I do get excited about Christmas, for many reasons.

Shopping is about 80% done. I had the kids write their lists a month ago and I started my search for sales. I did my shopping online, having given up on Black Friday and the malls years ago. Plus, things come in sealed boxes. No viewing of the contents!

Not big on Christmas cards anymore, so that’s one less thing to do and this year, and our plans don’t allow for a big dinner. I’m so (not) disappointed.  More time for me to have fun and enjoy!

What are the plans for the holiday that your family celebrates? Taking advantage of the layaway options out there? Making homemade presents or special Christmas cards? Traveling or having visitors? Will your service member be home this year?

Share your tips, ideas, and plans. We’d love to hear it.

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