Good-Bye Friends


The house is cleared and the bags are all packed.

All that’s left to do is say good-bye, and leave.

I find parting from friends to be one of the hardest things to do, and I’m quite horrible at doing it.

Phone calls to some, an early good-bye to others and there’s no way I can do a driveway send off.  This even goes for my tribe that I love. We stay in touch but the moment of separation can be heart-wrenching.

One of my Steel Magnolia type friends had the strength to send us off from the airport. We took pictures and she stayed until she couldn’t see us walking to the gate anymore. I admire her for that so much. The rest of our friends and I had taken the earlier good-bye approach. Bunch of nuts we were!

For me it goes back to one particular PCS as a teen.  We left a place where I had many coming-of-age memories and I made a best friend who I have to this day. I openly sobbed like a newborn on that transatlantic flight, and I don’t remember when I stopped.

When all the business and logistics of a move settle down, I get that panicky feeling when it comes to facing friends for the inevitable. I met them in a whirl of chatter and laughter and leave them with a bowed head and wordless lips.

Good-bye friends...

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