High-and-Tight: The MilDog Plight


Over the weekend, one of our family members mistakenly agreed to the wrong type of grooming package for her cat. The 13 year-old normally fluffy Ragdoll ended up with a lion cut. If you don't know what that looks like, click here. I suppose some owners and felines like these cuts, but a lion cut wasn't the objective in this case.

This incident reminded me of the time I asked my husband to take our pooch, a cocker spaniel, to the groomers and drop him off for his appointment. Our groomer had a gradient for cuts and I always ordered a number four. I just assumed the groomer would look at the chart and give the dog the same haircut he had always received. Instead, the groomer asked my husband what type of cut he wanted for our dog. My husband had no idea what to say and being the soldier that he is, he just asked for a high-and-tight. Later that afternoon, I went to pick my baby up and when they brought him out, I didn't even recognize him. He was completely shaved. Shaved, not trimmed. The poor thing looked pitiful, and I think he felt pitiful, too.

Moral of the story: Service members should not be allowed to take pets to the groomer unless you want your pets to come out looking like they're in boot camp!

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