Dear Kardashians: Stay Away From the Military


First and foremost, let me say that I am ashamed to be writing this. I ignore reality TV stars like it is my job. I learned who Snooki was even after President Obama, and I cannot say I am a better person for it.

But some things cannot be ignored -- particularly when they clog your Facebook newsfeed. One of those things, I am sorry to say, is the ridiculousness of reality star Kim Kardashian and the reported reason for her divorce.

Are you ready? This from Fox News:

According to a report from TMZ, the couple was at odds over where to finally settle down. Humphries was reportedly passionate about settling down in his native Minnesota, and Kardashian simply wasn't going for it.
While there is very little (or zero) evidence that Ms. Kardashian would make a good military spouse as it is, this just clinches it.

If you can’t handle the “duty station,” don’t get married.

Let’s be clear -- I am in no way claiming being an NBA star like her husband and a servicemember having anything at all in common, except maybe that sometimes they both find themselves in cities that were not their first, second or even last choice.  Sometimes, MilSpouses know, they may find themselves in Minnesota.

Analogy over.

And yet. Anyone have a spare pair of big girl panties they’d like to send this woman?

If you ever see her lurking around a servicemember, you may want to give her this little tip: sometimes you get stationed somewhere that blows. Think it over before you have a $10 million wedding.


Thanks to my friend Kerlina for pointing this whole thing out.

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