Your PCS Inheritance (or Loss)


Anyone out there missing a 4.5 foot tall, black, one inch round steel pole?

Reader Cathy mentioned the stuff she’s inherited (and unwillingly passed on) during her years of military moves over at this fabulous post. In case you missed it, she’d like the person looking for their giant desk that is currently hanging out at Mountain Home AFB to contact her.

Loosing stuff in transit is one of those tragic and extremely frustrating parts of military life that we just can't do anything about except laugh along (or cry, depending on just how many screws to your bed or priceless antiques are missing).

What are some of the things you have inherited or accidentally given away during your military moves?

To the people who accidentally gave us the following things, thanks – they’ve been enjoyed. Well, except for the steal pole. I’m at a loss on that one:

Two lovely, reclining camping chairs. Thanks for those – they were our only patio furniture for several years until the Georgia sun took its toll.

A very pricey looking softball bat. We don’t play softball, but we’ve stuck it in a closet for use as a weapon. Beware potential thieves – I have someone else’s bat!

That pole. Seriously – what is that thing for? My guess: trampoline.

To the people who have my two bread pans: I've already replaced them, so we're cool. And to the person who has a lamp with no shade: be careful how you pick it up - it tends to fall apart.

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