Moving Box Labels: The Fun Side of Moving

It is, indeed, the simple things in life.  Like reading moving box labels...who knew those could be so entertaining?

After all the preparation, the packers, the movers, the finding of what the movers didn't take, or what they did, the cleaning, the tetris-like packing of stuff into cars and trailers, the driving with kids, pets, and keeping your cool in unfamiliar traffic, the arrival, the pre-clean, the movers, the unpacking, and the settling into a new life can take its toll.  Very few things are funny before, during and after a move.

Somehow in all that mess I had the where-with-all to snap pics of some of the boxes and how they were labeled.  Sweet. Fancy. Moses.  How did I not appreciate the humor at the time? Must have been the stress.  But here are a few:

  • You may have ordinary utensils, but here in this house, we have the rare untensils.  How 'bout that!
  • While some use fancy crystal for sipping the bubbly, we use ours for the ultra exotic champaigne.
  • Discovered the military had it all wrong with using a "j" in Major.  The urban and hip spelling uses a "g" to spell  Magor.
  • During the holiday season, we go above and beyond the norm with decorations.  Or even waaaay under since we celebrate by hanging our Christmas Reefs.
While sharing our comic relief on Facebook, my friend shared how the spelling from a move had them baffled while checking off the inventory list, but they fell over laughing when the chester draws came off the truck.

The fun side of moving can be difficult to find, but when it appears, you have to take it for all it is worth.

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