The Fall Advantage


Bring on Fall!

It’s been super hot and dry in our part of the country.  I could barely go grocery shopping at the commissary without overheating and wanting to jump into the nearest swimming pool. Add kids being out of school and I was ready to run away!  I actually did run away.  Just for one night, but that’s another post.

Fall festivals crop up around many military bases this time of year. Fall means a return to routine in our house. Bed times, school, homework and activities. Halloween costumes are already en route for the kids and I’m on the hunt for my winter boots.

Sales start popping up too. I do our holiday shopping early to keep the stress down.  October means creating the list and searching. Don’t laugh, but I make a spreadsheet to keep track of what I get for everyone.

*Side note: K-Mart, Toys R Us and now Walmart have layaway programs. The Walmart program is just for the holiday season and has time limits.  Check their websites for details. Hope that helps!

I may be alone in this, but I also like to do my “Spring Cleaning” at this time of the year.  Make room for new items by donating the gently used. Being inside more means that I can take the time for reorganizing and deep cleaning. The prospect of additional company is also a motivator. I’m satisfied to end the year uncluttered instead of making resolutions.

My Fall plan makes December much more tolerable. Like a cooler summer vacation.

No swimming pool necessary.

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