Military Discount Card Arrivederci

I am a bad military wife, and currently only have a marriage license to prove I am one. I traveled to the recent SpouseBUZZ LIVE event at Davis Monthan AFB, the day after the lock down. Most of my military family and I were watching the story very closely, and we were so frightened for you all.

That being said, I cannot imagine being on  lock down  for six hours. My luck is such that I would not be doing anything cool like golfing, at the PX, or the Class Six. I would probably have my two children with me and we would be doing something like mailing a letter, which would mean I would have two children with me in a post office for six hours. Ick.

So we arrived at the Base, and I realize I still have not replaced my military ID. Why? I am a National Guard wife, and I really never need it? There is no post to get onto, My doctors. have copies of my Tri-care card. So as we sat in the car I had to confess to the other SpouseBUZZ ladies, "Hey I am a dork, I am walking around with an expired military ID." Great, you all know the drill, I have to go in, they confiscate it (it was a good picture one too), and they give me a slip of paper. In good news, the men at the gate were fast, and very efficient.

It occurred to me that the only time I use my military spouse ID is for the military discount at Lowe's, Home Depot, and local movie house. None of the civilians even know how to read it, so they have not noted that it is expired. Heck, I have had grocery store check out ladies ask me if it was a green card.

So now I am without my military discount card, and I do need to get it replaced this week. Wish me luck making an appointment, I am going to guess the person in charge of such things is TDY for the next two weeks.

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