Patience for 'Window Dressing?'


There’s no doubt that any attention by the public on military spouse issues and the honor of sacrifice (instead of, say, the drama) is a good a thing. However …

As this Time magazine online post points out, veteran groups are starting to be concerned that the whole "Joining Forces" thing is just immeasurable fluff, aimed at making the administration look like they are doing something to help (right at the beginning of campaign season, he points out) without actually requiring results.

This is not a new concern here – even Jill Biden, spouse of Vice President Joseph Biden admitted to us when the program first rolled out in April that there is really no way to tell what, if anything, it is accomplishing.

But the Time piece made me wonder – are spouses worried about being “window dressing” during a campaign year the same way veterans are? Or are we more likely to take the good from something like this (the exposure, for example) and leave the bad (like being an election year pawn) behind?

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